Google Maps Soars to Top of Apple Free App List

Just hours after the release of the Google Maps app for the iPhone, it has became the most downloaded free app in the Apple App Store.

The release of the app came late Wednesday night, just before midnight -- an unsuspecting time to launch such a highly-anticipated product. But creating buzz around the new Google Maps app was hardly an issue. There has been an immense demand for it ever since Apple pushed out its new iOS 6 update in September, which replaced the previous Google Maps app with one designed in-house.

Even so, persistent iOS users kept at it. By early this morning, it had made its way to the top downloads list in the Apple App Store and has since taken the top spot.

The app features a sleek interface, guided turn-by-turn directions and public transit maps. Early downloaders rejoiced at its arrival after Apple's Maps app had been widely criticized for omitting transit directions, incorrectly identifying locations and incomplete 3D views that display some national monuments oddly, such as the Eiffel Tower. There are also some broken roads and satellite views that display nothing but clouds.