Why Google Maps App Might Not Come to iOS Anytime Soon

Following the failure of the launch of Maps for iOS 6 by Apple (read here) many have turned their eyes to Google to see when they would launch their own iOS app to mitigate this problem.

At the end of last week Google came back with an answer that is not what’s iOS users where expecting. In a blog post Google indeed announced that Street View will be available on Google Maps for the mobile browser, an announcement clearly intended for Apple customers. It also added “transit, driving, biking and walking directions continue to be available on your mobile browser to help you help guide you to your destination.“

The blog post ended up by saying: “For quick access to Google Maps on iOS devices, you can save a bookmark to your home screen. Simply click “Save to Home Screen” on the bottom of the page when you’re in Google Maps.“

At this stage Google’s position is to try to regain as much as possible eye’s view from the 100 million Apple customers that have already downloaded iOS v6 and do not have Google Maps anymore as a native app on their phone.

But at the same time Google strategy is obviously to continue to promote Android against iOS. At that level, Apple’s map problem is a really good news for Google and its ecosystem as it immediately created a differentiation.

Google strategy with Maps

If we look at Google’s strategy over the past few years as it regards to Mobile maps, it is clear that the Mountain View company has always preferred to keep its latest, greatest features to Android. Google Maps Navigation is only for Android and so are indoor maps, indoor location and indoor navigation.

If Google continues in building a strong differentiation for Android based on their Maps innovation, is it not sure that launching an iOS app is the right thing to do.

Source: Ludovic Privat