At the Google I/O conference last week in San Francisco the Mountain View company updated developers about Project Tango, a technology that uses motion tracking, area learning, and depth perception to precisely map an indoor space and locate itself in it. The technology is running on a tablet which was initially produced to a few hundred pieces but it is now available (in the United States) on the shelves from Google for $512, a low cost device compared to its specifications: Tegra processor, camera, MEMS sensors, infrared sensor, etc.

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As of today, Google is making the move to favour websites which are optimised for mobile. Are you ready?

Dubbed ‘mobilegeddon’ by a few of the more melodramatic writers on the web, Google’s plans to favour websites which are optimised for mobile web surfers have hit the headlines over the past couple of weeks. Today, the changes to Google’s algorithm come into effect. Are you ready?

Give your customers what they want from your site and they’ll come back for more!

Attracting customers to buy from your business may seem an easy task. Offer something they want, at a price they’re willing to pay and ensure that they can buy it easily and securely. So when you look at the fact that around $4 trillion worth of shopping carts are abandoned yearly, it’s not as simple as you think.

Games are everywhere. You may consider yourself a serious, down-to-earth person, but I bet you’ve been exposed to a game recently—maybe without even realizing it. Does your car have one of those fancy dashboard systems that tells you when you’re driving fuel efficiently, or how your current gas mileage is compared to the last trip you took? Do you try to beat your previous gas mileage each time you drive somewhere? That’s a game! In a way, your car is training you to drive more fuel efficiently. The machines really are taking over…

Some social media sites are making it difficult for businesses, so why not try Instagram?

Getting your brand to a global audience couldn’t be easier in the age of social media. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter have become the first point of call for businesses wanting to engage socially, which is great if you’ve got the budget to keep behemoths such as Facebook happy. However updates in the way that Facebook works with businesses have ruffled more than a few feathers; the hard work that goes into building up a steady flow of page ‘likes’ is futile if you’re not willing to fork out extra cash to ’promote’ your posts. So where should you seek social engagement?